baby I’m inspired

my eyes spies
lies and lies
all thumbelina
in disparage
baby’s in carriage
I’m all beaks and broken
since the field house mouse

concussive poet moan poem

lover lost
be damned
if you
passing in
a lagoon sky
be balloons
parked until you die
but these just pigeons
crapping making daisies
amazes me
breathing comes
a duty done
that lingers pointing fingers too
lover lost
be damned
if you, dammed you


I am
a bed atop an
turbulent sea
taste me
salt lisps
I am
a ticking stock
of blue winds

hot tub trouble
-jackpot artehago

hot tub trouble
-jackpot artehago

a house appalling

diptherial cameras
we are moving pictures
eye strain new strain
restraining we
stain the floors
pores with submachines
let’s pick axes a ways weigh
bored doors still standing
piled holy high
stairs at disrepair
in despair
a toilet fortuitous
if it were
only two of us

one day of solitaire

draw a card
draw a gun
it draws a death

around us

planets with wings
walk about
in dispute with god

open dull doors
windows bow

clouds compact

golden faucets
spring disease
disgust gust wins


one poem
blue poem
two pome
I count on you
to not count on me


ah, thirty seven followers
all in a row
left fist foot first
out the door

maybe I’d have
stretched a ladder
up a sky
hanky in hand
to wipe it clean

slate on a date
chalk talk & ticker tape

we could
holding hambone hands
prey together
in sorrows of whether
to say it & blow

the tide is a byline
on tvs in windows

a complete fiction

I do
___ care
I do ___ care
I did once
eye nose eye dead
I so do ___ care

luck of luck

sat with long words
-not his
sifted footholds hung
in a balance

the same sea it also
always hung in balance

but she had left words
behind and backwards
what was the matter