platera of the veered off course

am I standing on a rooftop
watching stars
or are they spaceships
on their way to mars?
platera of the fecund farce
one more goat degrading cheese
example notes a copping plea
all daggers in the samsung sea

yes, molotov cocktails

when yr poem met my poem
and we threw bombs at one another
yr car then my car
it was the blast, baby

…we gonna
burn, baby burn
as the night
falls, the night falls

when my poem met yr poem
In another room, that room went
boom, boom, boom, boom

pasion poem - spitandpave

pasion poem - spitandpave

flat poem

there are these lines
and I’m walking
long lines blending nowhere

we are soft tomatoes on a vine
and it’s tired


dumb days
a whale
asshole, my name
i don’t care, I don’t care

neuron bombs

I am
just a big damage
cloud bustling in
it’s drains here
making whoopee
it’s the clots
coming dropping disaster
it’ll be
pear shooted men in
polyester zoots next
the greys are dumbing

Love → Building on Fire

"I’ve got two loves
I’ve got two loves
And they go tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, like little birds
They’re my two loves…
Count them one, two loves…
Count them one, two loves.
Which is my face
Which is a building
Which is on fire”

chloe makes a space race

when I reed you
yr the caliber
kind I wood be
when I’m smart like yr smart
i fall on my face many times
in a place
daggers falling from a sky
crushing a guy
yr inspired and inspire
a rocket launches letting go
giving chase
making space

mr kurtz

I think
he’s come already
come and done
sins too big
lies too long
dead the trade was dead

the anti anti poem

roses are runned over
as explains pass gas in fields at
we are mens all over
a face forking spoons
hey there, you there
in yr underwear
tonights a fool’s moon
that’ll slip too soon
don’t fall in, theres never away out