its a bright upright paper man
I’m standing up behind him
I’m pulling on strings
arching back he pops the gun
he pops the gun
a paper bag falls down from open
windows whoa’s he falls
his man standing behind his
is done he pops the gun
he pops the gun


dying in the night right
on the wrong railroad
consensus bending us
counting sleeps,
wanderer wanderer

a parades line rd

maybe bebé
dices da brigade
parade parade parade
americo, I am walking
yr line
that cuts across, across
jones town brown town
un puerta, un puerta
dece palm trees en memories
arse tall men infernos
in wind, un wind
dices africa, dices tejas
a mine fully esposing
de verbosing
es frightening
de way de sun shines down
it was wash
it was hay from de wagons
it was de breath of de dragons
it was machinations
it was de pretty girls en swirls, en
swirls, en swirls


I may a poet
but I made of fear
don’t know it
why so afraid, my dear

1 2 3 

fallering over
once more ibore
holes in the floor
and heads on the door
we line them up, up
kick open their heels
and peel back last confidence
as they’ll crawl moping mouthed
into graves into graves
whales on a shore surely snoring
lying boring

but I’m in a box, in a box w/out claws
get out, get out, get out, get out

another headache/another girl

a fantastic bird
it crashes into us
burns the top of you
on top of me
and I
I being blind can’t see, can’t see
a fantastic burden
looking for solution
but I without an eye
I can’t see
you on top of me
shut off, shut off
pipes are always breaking
and eye is always leaking
a pain in the face is a bad taste

reel poem

I’m sorry
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
at most I’m cautious man
but being dead already on the floor
having jumped
I jumped
conclusions are continents
and I’m a man of deep illusions
taking greater steps and missing
my shoes being the longer swamps
trudge me drowning
and losing teeth already
I should have taken ships

I’ll be dry when I die
having died on a floor once before
and dreaming bleeding

I dont no a spanish as well as I no a anti poems

could be all imaginary
in an imaginarium aquarium
walls like pictures displayed with lights
bright on a curtain screaming
wouldn’t be that far fetched
boot sounds on a wooden box
replacing our real steps as we
progress this poetic thought
what’s it all matter anyway
poems on a picturesque página
wailing for a moment, résumés

my god, 
this is a good beer
I almost cried 
the first taste was a 
time machine

my god,
this is a good beer
I almost cried
the first taste was a
time machine

92 discomposure poem 29

power of suggestion
and people, people
I am playing on a plain
vanilla detrimental fallopian
falls open and I again plane jane
potatoes in a pasture
fissuring faster
it’s disaster, disaster
it’s socrates in schertz
on trial in denial
I am standing upstanding
chocolate treasure in the desert
in stan blue shoes and a red, red, red